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English (Higher School Certificate; Year 10 level English and Defence Preparation English)

The English Section offers English subjects as part of the Higher School Certificate, Certificate II in Further Study Skills (Year 10 level) and the Statement of Attainment in Defence Preparation English.

Please note: If you are seeking a course for English for Speakers of other Languages instead, please see English for Speakers of Other Languages, or if you are seeking an Adult Basic Education course containing English, please see Adult Basic Education.

English is central to our everyday lives. English is the only compulsory subject in the HSC and the reason for that is that it is the foundation for all further study and for a successful career.

English teaches you how to analyse, interpret and report on all kinds of information and data.

Increase your English power! The English courses on offer at TAFE Digital are designed to meet the interests and abilities of all students. Study programs are offered in:

  • Higher School Certificate (HSC)
  • Certificate II in Further Study Skills
  • Statement of Attainment in Defence Preparation English

The course you select will depend on your needs. Would you like to develop confidence with reading and writing skills? Do you wish to become more confident in English or study at University? If so, then studying HSC English may suit your needs.

Course Information

Course Information Leaflets outline the requirements for studying each course. It is important to be sure that the course is what you need to meet your personal and vocational goals. Below are links to the courses that are delivered.

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