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Getting Started

Getting Started

Plan your future

Building a career is about looking forward. There are industry areas that are growing and skills shortages in many areas. It is important to consider a career that offers you good employment prospects. Governments across Australia are focused on employment and training for Australians of all ages. There are websites to help you choose a career, research job opportunities and skills shortages, prepare for employment or re-entering the workforce and of course, find the training and support options offered by TAFE NSW.

To help with researching a career or further study, you should consider:

  • Where are the skills shortages or job vacancies? Look around in your locality. Ask at your local job centres, visit useful links and check the papers.
  • What are you good at? What experience do you have?
  • What industry and career could your skills be applied to?
  • What are your goals - short term and long term? Do you need, or would you benefit from extra skills, training and qualifications to get you the job you want?
  • How can the qualifications you hold assist you to move forward? Check out the Career Paths in vocational areas and the type of qualifications you need to achieve your career goals. TAFE Digital will not offer all of these qualifications, but other TAFE NSW Institutes may.

Students at TAFE Digital, can access links and resources to answer these questions on the Careers and Employment portal.


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